Top tips for mastering your menstrual cycle

  1. Everyone’s different you might find it good to keep a training diary so you can work out your own performance pattern and adapt your training accordingly.
  2. If you find tampons uncomfortable during exercise, there are several alternatives to try including pads, liners, menstrual cups and even specialized period-proof underwear. If they don’t appeal, try wearing sports dresses or skorts which can hide a bulky pad and make you feel more confident. Consider wearing dark colours or a long T shirt for extra piece of mind.
  3. If you’re periods are regularly stopping you exercise, consider talking to your doctor; numerous remedies are available. It’s a good idea to have major aches and super heavy periods investigated because those could signal an underlying health problem
  4. You may feel lightheaded during this time so keep well hydrated and have a healthy snack before and after exercise
  5. Alleviate menstrual pain by taking painkillers 30 minutes before exercising. Non steroid anti inflammatories (NSAID’s) like Ibuprofen usually work best. Alternatively, paracetamol if you can’t use ibuprofen or it doesn’t work for you.

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