Women and Exercise – The same as men or different?

In reality everyone is unique in their physical and mental make-up, so broad generalisations about how and why men and women differ with respect to exercise is largely unhelpful.

Likewise, it would be inappropriate to suggest exercise regimes and guidance should be the same for men and women. Despite the overarching principles being similar, when we look at the evidence that underpins exercise advise, there are certain genetic, anatomical and physiological differences between men and women that must be accounted for.

Not only do women typically have strength and physiological differences when compared to men but through a women’s lifecycle they experience various unique phenomena linked to the female reproductive system including periods, pregnancy and menopause. The differences are further compounded by social expectations and demands on women which may influence opportunities, resources and motivations to exercise.

Throughout this site the intention is to demystify the confusing and conflicting viewpoints portrayed across society and instead, empower women to confidently make informed decisions about exercising, appropriate to their individual circumstances.

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