Benefits of exercising in pregnancy

Research has established clear benefits of exercise during pregnancy studies show that exercising mothers:

  • Experience less; lower back pain; pregnancy; constipation and tiredness
  • Sleep better
  • Are less likely to develop gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia
  • Experience fewer incidences and reduced severity of depression
  • Gain less weight during pregnancy and return to their pre-pregnant weight quicker
  • Have reduced incidents of pregnancy constipation
  • May have shorter labour, reduced birth complications, and are less likely to need an unplanned caesarean
  • Are less likely to develop urinary incontinence
  • Have enhanced postnatal recovery
Fitta Mamma Pregnancy Workout
Thanks to FittaMamma for kindly allowing us to use their photos.

The benefits for baby can last a lifetime, babies born to mothers who exercise in pregnancy are more likely to:

  • Develop a healthier heart with a lower resting heart rate after birth
  • Be born at what is considered a ‘normal’ birth weight, rather than overweight
  • Reduced risk of obesity in later life and its associated diseases
  • Be born with more mature brains and are quicker to develop neurologically
  • And the reduced maternal stress could reduce impact on immune system development

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