Frequently Asked Post Natal Questions

When can I start exercising after pregnancy?

If you had a healthy pregnancy and a normal vaginal delivery, you should be able to start exercising again soon after the baby is born. Usually, it is safe to begin exercising a few days after giving birth—or as soon as you feel ready. If you had a caesarean delivery or other complications, ask your midwife or GP when it is safe to begin exercising again.

Where can I find out about exercise classes?

Try looking on local areas of online forums such as Mumsnet and Netmums.  Check with your local fitness clubs, GP surgeries or community centers for classes that interest you, such as yoga, Pilates, spinning, and dance. Some offer special postpartum exercise classes were you can take baby along too. You also might consider working out with a personal trainer for the first few weeks.

How can I stay motivated once I start exercising?

Smart phone apps for exercise and fitness can help you stay motivated, keep track of your progress, and connect you with others with the same exercise goals. Many apps are free or cost very little. Fitness trackers such as Fitbit can also be good motivators to keep you moving on a regular basis.

Plan your exercise and write it in your diary, try to make a priority try to build exercise into your daily activities as much as possible

Try setting small targets to keep you motivated and plan a treat for yourself when you reach them

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