Pregnancy is a great opportunity to reassess your health and wellbeing. Regular exercise can have amazing physical and mental benefits including increased energy, weight control and healthier self-image, stress relief and improved mood, better sleep, not to mention the health benefits for baby.

However, women often find this is a time when they are bombarded with unsolicited advice which is often based more on myth and hearsay than fact. Not only do family and friends offer opinions but often total strangers deem it appropriate to pass comment on your health choices. The advice is often contradictory making it difficult to make sense of the bewildering array of information. Ironically this often results in women being too fearful to exercise in pregnancy and instead of taking advantage of the benefits mentioned above they become unfit and risk succumbing to ill health from inactivity .

This website aims to offer a source of reliable credible information to help guide and support your choices regarding exercise in pregnancy.

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