Recommended Books

Sorted – The Active Woman’s guide to Health –by Juliet McGratten. 2017. Bloomsbury Sport London.

This is a great practical handbook which draws from personal experience of exercising and 15 years’ working with women as a GP. Juliet talks with you, not at you, sharing her enthusiasm for the joys of an active lifestyle and offering practical information, reassurance and motivational tips.

The book offers accessible guidance, information and advice about common problems to get women to start and keep exercising.

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Roar : How to match your food and fitness to your female physiology for optimum performance, great health and a strong lean body for life – by Stacey Sims PhD. 2016. Rodale books.

Roar is particularly geared towards women playing sport or competing with invaluable tips on how to do work with their physiology to determine and reach; peak performance, body composition and boost power and endurance. Based on the premise that ‘Women are not small men’, it offers a comprehensive plan for training the body to optimally adapt to exercise. Roar offers clear details on specific exercises, foods, the menus, the recipes and the reasons. If you do not play sport there is still a lot of interesting and useful information.

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