This Website’s Development

The idea for the website originated from the findings of a PhD study about women’s decisions to exercise in pregnancy. This highlighted how women often receive inconsistent and inaccurate information from both fitness and health professionals and friends and family. Advice is commonly based on anecdote and subjective lay knowledge rather than current evidence.

The research findings are supported by other academic literature which suggests that, many midwives and doctors are ill-informed about exercise and often do not have sufficient time in antenatal appointments to address women’s information needs adequately.

As the concept of the website evolved it became apparent that many of the issues raised for women were wider than just pregnancy. Consequently, this website is designed to enable all women and health and fitness professional who advise them to access reliable information and current research and policy documents pertaining to women and exercise.

The thesis from my PhD is available via the following link, feel free to dip into it, if you do I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. However, do be warned its very long!!

During my PhD I published an article  Exercise in pregnancy: a review of current evidence and guidelines, and more recently;  ‘Is helpful advice putting you off your pregnancy workouts? in Active for Two online magazine.

This site’s initial development has been funded through the university of Brighton’s Impact and Knowledge Exchange Fund 2017.

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