Top tips for pregnancy

  1. Take time to warm up before you start exercising and cool down slowly
  2. Keep well hydrated and drink water frequently before, during and after exercise
  3. Continually assess how you feel and change your activities accordingly as your pregnancy progresses. Listen to your body if you are having doubts change your activity to something more gentle
  4. Avoid exercising lying on your back after about 16 weeks, many exercises can be modified to adjust for this
  5. Avoid putting excess stress on your abdominal muscles try to remember to roll over onto one side and raise yourself up by your arms when getting up from a lying position
  6. Avoid over-stretching or deep bouncing when stretching
  7. If you’ve been lying down for a long time, change positions particularly to standing, slowly
  8. A comfortable well-fitting sports bra that supports those ever-growing breasts is a vital companion to pregnancy fitness
  9. Don’t forget to also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles they come under great strain in pregnancy and childbirth, looking after your pelvic floor is an investment in your future.
  10. Be sensible, listen to your body and make sure you’re still having fun!


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